Black Sun / Fake Gold LP

by Gasmask Terrör

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released October 1, 2010



all rights reserved
Track Name: No Mistake
The whip at hand
The kids will learn.
CH: No mistake.
In this absurd system
We're all losers
We're all failures
And we will fail again.
Track Name: Pour L'Exemple
Aux valeureux résistants
Du dernier instant
Au pilori les traîtresses
Outrage au rasoir
Pour les survivantes.
CH: Rasées humiliées
Tondues exhibées
Pour l'exemple.
Track Name: The Cult
Remember the offspring of '68
When you used to be so radical on barricades
Just for girls and fun
You wish you were a youth icon
Now those times are gone
And you're back where you belong.
CH: Rich hippy cult fuck off.
Now you've turned 20
Time for you to grow up
You will have to face the cold side of reality
The hard side of life
You know it won't be easy
To be the youngest C.E.O.
In your daddy's company.
I don't wanna hear how you built up history
Your SUV on fire is the sound of anarchy.
Track Name: Vatican S.S.
Iranian students raped to death
In Allah's private cells.
CH: There is no love
In your god fearing hell.
A handshake for a genocide
Moral purity über alles.
Track Name: Homesick For Hell
Under the law of life there is no escape
As we're condemned to stare
At the sun's reflection in mud
Worship power
A sick heaven of fucking sedative smiles.
CH: And I'm homesick for hell.
Under the law of light there's no fucking escape
It's a black sun, the fake gold
It swallows and crushes through absolute emptiness
Distort the sun
Distort heaven.
Track Name: 40 Years
I'd like to smash
Every tooth of yours
To wipe out that smile
Off your racist face.
CH: 40 bloody fucking years to wait.
Track Name: This Is The Wolf Age
I've never chosen to feel like this
I've never read the right books
Fucking priceless
Still you manage to cash in on them.
CH: This is the wolf age
And now it's every punk for himself.
Track Name: Grey Sky Forever
Employment kapos
Command me to work
9 to 5 until I cough blood.
CH: Grey sky forever
Labour camp for the lazy punks.
Track Name: Négatif
Pour chaque livre lu il y a mille nazis
Prêts à réduire les mots en cendres.
CH: Négatif.
Pour chaque poétesse il y a mille violeurs
Prêts à réduire les mots en cendres.
Et à chaque fois que je veux voir la beauté
Un voile de laideur recouvre mon cœur.
Track Name: Hate Will Prevail
I'll carry the anger banner
And bring back anger on your lips
I'll vomit my bile-fueled heart
When I'm supposed to choke.
CH: Hate will prevail.
I'll sharpen my knife on my own wrist
With death and joy by my side
I'm heading towards no fucking future
And drag you down with me.
Confrontation is just a mean
Defeat is no option
Love in the end.
Track Name: Payday
Punch your boss
Take back what's fucking yours
Never come back
Hierarchy to the ground
Today is payday
Be unproductive
Mock the winners
No authority
Bring your social life to its end.
Do it. Do it.
Do it. Do It.